Custom made Kendo Tare

All items of kendo equipment in Shogun Kendogu’s range are made to order, and our tare are no exception. Built from scratch to your specifications, we are able to help you find a tare that is perfectly suited to your height and body shape, ensuring an item of kendo gear that is tailored for optimal protection and style.

With the use of Shogun Kendogu's Bōgu Builder, it is now easy to customise the kazari and chidori colours of your tare so that it can be integrated into any existing set of kendo gear.

Just like all of our kendo equipment, each tare includes free international shipping, and a 3 year repair warranty.

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Blue Label Tare

Blue Label Tare

With the wide stitch width accentuating the padding of the futon, the Blue Label tare provides exce..


White Label Tare

White Label Tare

The 7mm stitch width used in the White Label results in a light weight and exceptionally flexible ta..


Red Label Tare

Red Label Tare

As a part of our premium machined stitched set, the futon in the Red Label tare uses the finest mate..


Black Label Tare

Black Label Tare

As with the other items in this set, the 1.8bu Black Label tare is a premium hand-stitched piece of ..


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