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Shogun Kendogu is the webstore for the international sales department of Kazutaka Budō Kōbō workshop – a purpose built workspace in Nara, Japan, for the manufacture, supply and repair of kendo equipment. As one of few online kendo suppliers that can draw on a wealth of experience from Japanese kendoka craftspeople, we can provide you with quality assured kendo gear whatever your level or needs.

Each item in Shogun Kendogu’s bōgu range is considered a custom build, meaning that none of the kendo armour on our webshop is ‘off-the-shelf’. With a pair of Japanese hand-made kote included in every set of kendo gear, you can be assured of an outstanding fit.

The custom build, the massive range of colour and design options available through the Bōgu Builder, and our 3 Year Repair Warranty make Shogun Kendogu’s kendo equipment exceptional value for money.

Our online store features a specially selected range of kendo gear and has something for every kendoka, whether you are seeking a set of equipment for general training and keiko, jissengata bōgu for shiai, or a premium items for enbu and gradings.


Blue Label Bōgu Set

Blue Label Bōgu Set

OverviewThe Blue Label set stands as a testament to Shogun Kendogu's impact on the bōgu industry - w..


Ishizue Bōgu Set

Ishizue Bōgu Set

OverviewThe Ishizue Bōgu Set represents an exceptional blend of value, protection, and customiz..


Red Label Evolution Bōgu Set

Red Label Evolution Bōgu Set

OverviewThe 'Red Label Evolution' set is a carefully constructed progression in the popular 'Red Lab..


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