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Design your perfect Kendo Bōgu Set

We understand that purchasing kendo gear is a big investment, and we wish to help each person make this investment with peace of mind. 

By purchasing our kendo bōgu as a matched set, you will ensure you have a set of kendo gear that is designed to work together to optimize appearance and performance.

It is also more cost effective to purchase bōgu as a complete set as opposed to buying individual parts. As with all of our bōgu, every item of our armour sets is custom built to your measurements and chosen designs, with the Bōgu Builder available to see how your selected options look together as a complete set. Each set comes with free international shipping, and Shogun Kendogu's 3 year repair warranty.

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Blue Label Bōgu Set

Blue Label Bōgu Set

The Blue Label has been specifically designed for kendo training. Developed in response to the reque..


White Label Bōgu Set

White Label Bōgu Set

The White Label set is the perfect compromise of price and excellence, and is specifically designed ..


Red Label Bōgu Set

Red Label Bōgu Set

As our premium machined stitched set, composition of the Shogun Kendogu 6mm Red Label futon uses the..


Black Label Bōgu Set

Black Label Bōgu Set

The traditional and often desired appearance of a hand-stitched set is captured by the Black Label s..


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