3 Year Repair Warranty

A warranty that covers you for manufacturing defects in material and/or workmanship on your kendo gear is a good thing, no doubt about it. However, if a manufacturing defect hasn’t revealed itself within the first year, it is very unlikely to be an issue with that set of gear at all. Therefore, if a bōgu warranty fails to cover you for “normal wear and tear”, what value does the warranty actually have? The Shogun Kendogu 3 Year Repair Warranty assures you the following peace of mind…

If a repair is required on any item of Shogun Kendogu branded gear as a result of:

a manufacturing defect in material and/or a fault in workmanship

wear and tear from proper use in kendo training or kendo shiai

we will either fix or replace the item an unlimited number of times for 3 years from the date of delivery, in accordance with the Warranty terms outlined below. Essentially, excluding himo, we offer you a full repair warranty* on your Shogun Kendogu gear. 

Simple as that!

The 'Buddies Bogu Repair' Discount

In addition, to show how much we appreciate your patronage, we will also mend any of your friend’s kendogu at a discounted rate – even if the gear was purchased from another company!

Simply send any additional item of kendogu (Men, Kote, Dou,Tare) in need of repair together with the Shogun Kendogu item, and we will fix it at a discounted price. As the nature of each repair will differ, the customer is asked to email a picture of your friend’s item needing repair in advance so that we can provide you with a quote.

* The Fine Print

Please contact us prior to sending your equipment in for repair/replacement to confirm damage is covered by the Warranty.

Free repairs will only be made to Men, Kote, Dou and Tare from Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu branded equipment. Proof that the item is Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu brand equipment will be required (i.e. the Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu mark sewn on the item). If the Kazutaka/Shogun Kendogu mark is not sewn to the item needing repair, proof of purchase (e.g. PayPal receipt) will be required.

All items sold in the "Outlet Store & Specials" category are "as is" seconds, are not considered Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu branded gear, and are not covered by this Warranty.

This Warranty applies to purchases of Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu brand bōgu items (Men, Kote, Dou,and/or Tare only) but no other product sold by or purchased from Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu (such as shinai, etc).

All shipping costs to and from Japan for repairs of Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu branded equipment, and accompanying equipment as part of the "Buddies Bōgu Repair" discount, must be paid for by the customer. Shogun Kendogu return items to the customer via EMS. 

Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu will not be responsible for equipment lost in the post.

Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu reserve the right to refuse repair or replacement of equipment if damage is considered to be a result of misuse, or not as a consequence of use in normal kendo keiko and/or kendo shiai. (e.g. neglect, accidents, transport damage, exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasion, acids, water, or solvents).

This Warranty is limited to the value of the item submitted for repair.

This Warranty can only be redeemed by the first purchaser or gift recipient of the equipment for a full 3 years from the date of delivery.

This Warranty covers the customer against manufacturer and material defects on the bōgu item itself, and as such, wear to Men himo and Dou himo is excluded. While some wear and tear is covered (e.g. kote palm repair), blemishes or scratches to the Men-buchi lacquer, scratches and other marks to the Dō-dai are unavoidable in kendo and will not be covered. Similarly, bad odours and fading of the kendo equipment is considered unpreventable, and is not included in this Warranty.

Incorrectly performed repairs/maintenance will invalidate this Warranty. Labour and damages caused during repairs/maintenance by anyone other than Kazutaka Budō Kōbō/Shogun Kendogu will not be covered.

The repair Warranty is only available for customers outside of Japan.

Conditions and/or duration of the Warranty may change without notice, but will only effect purchases from the date of change and thereafter.

A note on ‘Buddies Bōgu Repair’ Discount - Please understand that in some extreme cases, bōgu items can be beyond repair. Contact us at info@shogunkendogu.com with pictures of the equipment needing repair and we will provide a quote.

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