The Kazutaka madake shinai is balanced evenly over the entire length of the bamboo (click here for more details on chokuto and dobari shinai).

It features a 'ritsumen kezuri' shape - instead of shaving the corners of the shinai to form a rounded shape (like the edges in many other shinai), the edges of the 'ritsumen kezuri' bamboo are left slightly protruding, as this is intended to result in a firmer feel in your strikes.

"This shinai is recommended for those who are aiming to practice a 'calmer' style of kendo, and those who feel that their strikes are not as stable as they should be. Once you use it, you won't be able to put it down!" (Kunugihara Hirokaza, Kendo 8th dan, Chief Craftsman).

Left hand = 25.5mm diameter pictured with black ties.

Left hand = 26mm or 28mm pictured with dark green ties.   

Bamboo only weight = between 470g and 485g.

Fully built weight = between 510g and 525g.

Characteristics Consistent width along the blade and ‘balanced evenly’ over the entire length.
Dimensions Left hand – 25.5mm/26mm/28mm diameter; Balance point – 64.5cm from the kisaki (approx.)
Weight Bamboo only – between 470g and 485g; Fully built – between 510g and 525g

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Kazutaka Madake Shinai

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