The "30 Kan" hakama by Bushu Ichi is equivalent to an #6000 grade cotton. Unlike Chinese made hakama of the same cotton grade, this hakama will age gracefully. One name, up to 10 characters, embroidered for free. (Please allow up to 10-14 days for embroidered items to be dispatched).    

Shogun Kendogu now offers a sewing service for all Bushu Ichi brand hakama - we can sew the inside pleats of your hakama to ensure longevity and to make folding the garment much easier. 

Important notes: Bushu Ichi are made naturally with high quality cotton, and they shrink a great deal in the first couple of washes (up to 4~5cm in most cases). To ensure the garment we send you will fit well after washing, please enter the measurements of your current and best fitting garment in the fields provided, using the sizing image as a guide. 

Sizing used by other brands are not the same as Bushu Ichi products. To avoid confusion, please only enter the measurements requested and our professional craftsmen will be able to determine which garment size will be best suited. All measurements in centimeters.

Click here for more instructions on how to measure for your keikogi and/or hakama. *Please note, the measurements for a hakama should be from 'hip to floor'.

Click here to learn more about Bushu Ichi products!

Cotton Grade #6,000 grade, natural aizome dyed
Embroidery One name, up to 10 characters, embroidered for free
Manufacturer Bushu Ichi (100% Japanese made)
Purpose General purpose, for training and shiai

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30 Kan Hakama

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