The Black Label Pro Men merges traditional hand-stitching with modern kendo demands, offering robust protection and a fit that honors the dedicated practitioner. Designed to evolve with every strike and defense, it's more than a piece of kendogu, it is a work of art crafted for those who pursue excellence in their kendo journey.

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The Black Label Pro Men is meticulously hand-stitched using #8000 grade cotton, featuring 'gu-no-me' or 'naname' patterns that offer a resilient yet responsive structure. The '1-bu, 5-rin' stitching depth, coupled with the natural aizome dye, achieves a rich texture and superb durability. With a full titanium men-gane, protection is maximised without any additional bulk. The sheep wool and cotton blend in the futon not only ensures long-lasting shape retention but also enhances comfort, conforming to the practitioner's shape with use. This Men is a testament to Shogun Kendogu's commitment to traditional craftsmanship, providing kendo-ka with armor that excels in both form and function.


✔ Shipping is included in the list price.

✔ High-quality 'Katauchi' himo are included 

✔ This item comes with our industry-first 'Wear & Tear' Warranty. 

Buying Custom Items 

As a bespoke creation, the Black Label Pro Men provides a level of fit and comfort unrivaled by similarly priced off-the-shelf items. Constructed from scratch for each customer, please anticipate a lead time of 3~4 months from payment to dispatch. Due to the customised nature of this kendogu, precise body measurements are essential. For guidance on how to measure yourself for this custom-made item, please follow our detailed instructions. To the best of your ability, please upload one document (i.e. PDF) with all measurement photos attached. We recommend that you seek the help of others when measuring and taking photos. If the craftsmen are unsure about the place/position of the measurements, we will double check with you before commencing with the build (you don't buy custom gear everyday, so we do everything we can to be thorough with sizes and measurements!)

Purpose Premium hand-stitched kendogu for all special occasions.
Stitch Width 1.5bu hand-stitched
Stitch Style Naname or Gu-no-me
Cotton Grade #8,000 grade
Custom Ago Included in list price
Dye Aizome
Himo Premium Katauchi aizome
Men-bōshi Fujioka smoked deer leather from New Zealand
Men-gane Titanium (IBB)
Trim Fujioka smoked deer leather from New Zealand
Uchiwa Cotton

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Black Label Pro Men

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