• Kote Repair Service

Drawing on the skills of the craftspeople at our parent company, Kazutaka Budō Kōbō, Shogun Kendogu is able to offer a full bōgu repair service from our Nara (Japan) and Montreal (Canada) workshops.  

We understand that purchasing new bōgu can be expensive, and as kendo-ka ourselves, we also understand that certain items of bōgu can have an immense amount of sentimental value. Above all, as the number of craftspeople working in the kendogu (kendo equipment) industry is slowly decreasing, we want to do our best to keep the skills involved in building and repairing kendo equipment alive and well. 

Through this webform, you can now arrange to have a full replacement of the tenouchi (leather palms) on your kote with ease. 

US$80 includes palm replacement (any leather type) for one glove, and return shipping to you!

Please note: due to the popularity of this service, the current wait time for repairs is between 2-3 months. 

We have been offering this service since we launched in 2013 with extremely positive feedback - and it is often used by several people from one club at one time. One dojo commented that...

"[Our kote] came back like new. If it hadn't been for the name tags, the respective owners would not have been able to recognize their well used kote. The prices are incredible, so is the service. The workmanship is exquisite."

The process of submitting your kote for repair is very simple. 

  1. Upload a picture of your kote needing tenouchi replacement 
  2. Select the type of leather your want us to use for your new tenouchi (see the video on this page)
  3. Select the type of fit you prefer ('Snug' or 'Relaxed')
  4. Complete the purchase using this webpage (information about measuring your hands can be found here)

We will then be in touch with shipping instructions, and we will also let you know when you kote have arrived. Repair times can vary depending on demand, but generally take 2~4 weeks. Please remember that some kote can be beyond repair, so we ask that you also submit a photo of your kote with this order using the link provided.  

US$80 includes palm replacement (any leather type) for one glove, and return shipping to you!

Not sure what leather tenouchi to choose? Check out this video:

If your repair is for an item other than kote, or you have any questions about the repair process, please get in touch via our contact form. Please read terms and conditions.


Produced Repaired by hand in Japan
Tenouchi Four options available (Smoked deer leather, White Deer leather, Standard Synthetic leather, Micro-punch Synthetic leather)
Trim Fujioka smoked deer leather from New Zealand

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Kote Repair Service

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