The Blue Label set stands as a testament to Shogun Kendogu's impact on the bōgu industry - with many look-alike sets emerging after its original release in 2012. Renowned for its 'pillow-like' futon, the entire set is characterized by a 12mm machine stitch that provides exceptional protection without compromising on mobility. It represents a harmonious balance between the need for high-level protection and the demand for a lightweight, durable, and comfortable set, complete with a distinctive appearance that can be tailored to the specific requests of our customers.

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The Blue Label Men ensures superior protection with its 12mm machine-stitched, naname-styled futon crafted from #4000 grade cotton. The durability of Duralumin men-gane paired with a Fukuro-nui trim and cotton uchiwa offers a blend of safety and comfort for extensive training and motodachi roles. Tailored for resilience, the Kote boast superior padding with a 12mm stitch that complements the 'Kazutaka cut', promising excellent fit and precise control. Crafted from #4000 grade cotton and filled with deer hair, these kote, available with orizashi standard leather or deer leather palms, are hand-made in Japan, embodying the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern kendo requirements. The Dou features a synthetic 50 piece dou-dai, and can be personalized with a range of colours. Topped with either a Kurozan leather or indigo-dyed cow leather dou-mune, this Dou combines functional protection with a personalized, classic aesthetic. With the same commitment to protection and comfort, the Tare's 12mm machine-stitched futon made from #4000 grade cotton reduces impact, while the Gaku-sashi decoration adds a touch of elegance. The Tare is finished with synthetic leather, providing durability and ease of movement for its owner.

Each element of the Blue Label set is crafted with attention to detail, offering kendo practitioners a dependable, high-quality bōgu set that is crafted for the demands of regular keiko and the rigors of motodachi duty.


✔ Shipping is included in the list price.

✔ High-quality 'Katauchi' himo are included for each item 

✔ This set comes with our industry-first 'Wear & Tear' Warranty. 

Buying a Custom Set

As a bespoke creation, the Blue Label set provides a level of fit and comfort unrivaled by similarly priced off-the-shelf items. Constructed from scratch for each customer, please anticipate a lead time of 6 months from payment to dispatch. Due to the customised nature of this kendogu, precise body measurements are essential. For guidance on how to measure yourself for this custom-made set, please follow our detailed instructions. To enhance the custom fit of our handcrafted kote, we've incorporated two additional measurements, 'L' and 'M'. For accurate measurement instructions, please refer to our guide. To the best of your ability, please upload one document (i.e. PDF) with all measurement photos attached. We recommend that you seek the help of others when measuring and taking photos. If the craftsmen are unsure about the place/position of the measurements, we will double check with you before commencing with the build (you don't buy custom gear everyday, so we do everything we can to be thorough with sizes and measurements!)


Purpose Superior padding and protection for training and motodachi
Stitch Width 12mm machine stitch
Stitch Style Naname
Cotton Grade #4,000 grade
Custom Ago Included in list price
Dye Aizome
Himo Katauchi aizome
Men-bōshi Orizashi
Men-gane Duralumin
Trim Fukuro-nui
Uchiwa Cotton
Purpose Superior padding and protection for training and motodachi
Stitch Width (futon) 12mm machine stitch
Cotton Grade #4,000 grade
Cut/Shape "Kazutaka Cut"
Dye Aizome
Filling (fist) Deer hair
Fist Material Orizashi standard (leather also available)
Produced Hand made in Japan
Tenouchi Four options available
Trim Fujioka deer skin
Purpose Superior padding and protection for training and motodachi
Custom Dō-dai Plus US$55
Custom Dō-mune Included in list price
Dō-dai Type Synthetic imitation 50 piece
Dō-mune Leather Kata-oshi kurozan leather
Himo Katauchi aizome
Trim Kiri-panashi
Purpose Superior padding and protection for training and motodachi
Stitch Width 12mm machine stitch
Cotton Grade #4,000 grade
Decoration Gaku-zashi
Dye Aizome
Himo #4,000 grade cotton with regular shape
Number of Bars 4 bars (XL size is 5 bars)
Trim Synthetic leather

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Blue Label Bōgu Set

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