This shinai bag fits up to 3 shinai, with the option to attach bokuto to the outside with straps. Also, a handle on the side of the bag and a shoulder strap ensures easy transport. 

With plastic 'feet' and reinforced hems, this is an extremely convenient and durable shinai bag. The separate and hidden pocket for tsuba and/or valuables makes this a great option for any kendoka. 

(Shinai and bokuto not included.)

Shinai Bags
Features Side handle and shoulder strap with hidden pocket for tsuba and/or valuables
Materials Durable nylon with plastic 'feet' and reinforced hems
Size Fits up to 3 shinai & daito and kodachi on the outside

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Basic Shinai Bag

  • Product Code: basic-shinai-bag
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  • $70.00

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