• White Label Tare

The 7mm stitch width used in the White Label results in a light weight and exceptionally flexible tare - an advantage that we know is paramount in shiai. Due to the wider stitch width, this tare is able to be tightly fastened around the waist, and moreover, the comparatively wider stitch offers a good level of protection due to the accentuated futon. Because the White Label tare has been designed with simplicity, light weight, and freedom of movement in mind, it is a pleasure to wear first time, every time.

We believe that this tare, and all items in the White Label for that matter, provide the best compromise of price and performance in a set specifically designed for use in shiai.

 Click here to view a video of items in the White Label.

All products from Shogun Kendogu are made exactly to customer specifications. This assures a fit and level of comfort that similarly priced ‘off-the-shelf-items’ cannot offer. As this is a custom made item please expect a 10-12 week wait from the date of payment until the date of dispatch.

Click here for instructions on how to measure your body for this custom made tare.

Purpose Lightweight and flexible for use in shiai
Stitch Width 7mm machine stitch
Cotton Grade #4,000 grade
Decoration Orizashi
Dye Aizome
Himo #4,000 grade cotton with regular shape
Number of Bars 4 bars (XL size is 5 bars)
Trim Fukuro-nui

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White Label Tare

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