As our premium machined stitched set, composition of the Shogun Kendogu 6mm Red Label futon uses the finest materials. It is quick to mould to the shape of its owner, and naturally becomes more comfortable with time. The quality materials used in both the exterior and the interior design of this set means that, in addition to the trademark fit of Shogun Kendogu equipment, it offers an enhanced durability and malleability. The Red Label is considered a top-of-the-line machine stitched set for all occasions, and the customisation available will ensure you look and feel the part on the floor.

The Red Label men-gane is an ‘IBB Dura’, weighted 7mm further towards the frame of the helmet and 17mm towards the top – making the men feel even lighter. Additionally, the top two bars of the grille are titanium for added strength. The men and tare are gunome stitched – designed to fit comfortably first time, and quickly mould to the shape of its owner. The Red Label is topped off with a Japanese made, leather dō mune.

Our Japanese kendo-ka craftsmen pack the kote with just the right amount of deer hair to provide protection without unnecessary bulk. Then, in the crucial stage of hand-stitching the tenouchi and deer skin heri kawa (bordering leather) onto each kote, the craftsmen actually fashion the right and left glove differently, into a shape that complements the way the shinai is held. The orizashi (full cotton) design allows for a light weight, fast drying, and totally flexible kote. These are not a mass produced items. Each glove is assembled with care by Japanese kendo players with many years of experience, to ensure that they allow the optimal grip and efficient swing of the shinai. 

The Red Label is a result of countless hours of meticulous research, conducted by kendo-ka and master craftsmen. It is is a combination of exceptional materials and construction techniques that create one of the finest machine stitched bōgu sets on the market. Once tried, it will be difficult to use anything else.

As a custom made set it provides a fit and level of comfort that similarly priced ‘off-the-shelf-items’ cannot offer. As each item in this set is built from scratch for every customer, please expect an 18-20 week wait from the date of payment until the date of dispatch.

Please note, due to the custom nature of this kendogu, we require customers to provide photos of where they measure. Click here for instructions on how to measure your body for this custom made set of kendogu.

*In order to provide an even better custom fit of out handmade kote, we have added two more measurements ('L' and 'M')! Please click here for measuring instructions.

Purpose Premium machine stitched kendogu for training, gradings, and shiai
Stitch Width 6mm machine stitch
Stitch Style 6mm x 3mm Gunome
Cotton Grade #6,000 grade
Custom Ago Included in list price
Dye Aizome
Himo Katauchi aizome
Men-bōshi Orizashi
Men-gane IBB Duralumin
Trim Fukuro-nui
Uchiwa Cotton
Purpose Premium machine stitched kendogu for training, gradings, and shiai
Stitch Width (futon) 6mm machine stitch
Cotton Grade #6,000 grade
Cut/Shape "Kazutaka Cut"
Dye Aizome
Filling (fist) Deer hair
Fist Material Orizashi standard (leather also available)
Produced Hand made in Japan
Tenouchi Four options available
Trim Fujioka deer skin from New Zealand
Purpose Premium item for training, gradings, and shiai
Custom Dō-dai Plus US$55
Custom Dō-mune Included in list price
Dō-dai Type Synthetic imitation 50 piece
Dō-mune Leather Kata-oshi Japanese kurozan leather
Himo Katauchi aizome
Trim Kaeshi-beri
Purpose Premium machine stitched kendogu for training, gradings, and shiai
Stitch Width 6mm machine stitch
Cotton Grade #6,000 grade
Decoration Gaku-zashi
Dye Aizome
Himo #6,000 grade cotton with regular shape
Number of Bars 5 bars
Trim Fujioka deer skin from New Zealand

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Red Label Bōgu Set

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