We've done it again! Shogun Kendogu are now offering a full custom, hand made in Japan Ishizue 'Select' kote for advanced kendo-ka and shiai-sha. If you require a high-quality look and feel, without the extra maintenance required between events, look no further. The Ishizue Select kote truly are exceptional value for money with a level of quality not found at this price point.

Advanced kendo-ka know that the left and right hands grip the shinai differently. Our craftsmen know this too! So, with quick and easy usability in mind, we have designed two unique ‘cuts’ on the tenouchi (palms) on each glove. You will feel the difference immediately when holding your shinai and we are confident that you will notice improve control throughout your fights.

The Ishizue Select kote are crafted to order and have the options of white deerskin, smoked deerskin, synthetic leather and micro-punch tenouchi. With a 6mm stitched futon, protection is maximised without unnecessary bulk or weight. These might just be the only kote you need!

Shogun Kendogu’s Ishizue 'Select' kote are custom made to your exact sizes. Given the extra care and attention to detail to make these kote a perfect fit for your hands, please allow an estimated 2 ~ 3 months from the date of purchase until the date of dispatch. 

Click here for instructions on how to measure your hands for this set of kote.

*In order to provide an even better custom fit of out handmade kote, we have added two more measurements ('L' and 'M')! Please click here for measuring instructions.

Purpose Advanced, shiai
Stitch Width (futon) 6mm
Cut/Shape Custom
Filling (fist) Synthetic cotton
Fist Material Orizashi fabric
Tenouchi Synthetic leather, white deerskin, smoked deerskin

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Ishizue 'Select' Kote

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