As with the other items in this set, the 1.8bu Black Label tare is a premium hand-stitched piece of kendogu. Its #8,000 grade cotton ensures durability, while the stitch width allows for a flexible and secure fit around the waist. The special blend of sheep wool and cotton, and trim made with Fujioka smoked deer leather from New Zealand means that this tare can easily be shaped according to preference. Additionally, we have tapered the himo in order to make it easier to tie up. 

Through our research of hand-made kendo equipment we have found that a 1.8bu stitch is the ideal width to provide protection whilst also remaining flexible – and the more it is used, the better the fit becomes. 

 Click here to view a video of items in the Black Label.

All products from Shogun Kendogu are made exactly to customer specifications. This assures a fit and level of comfort that similarly priced ‘off-the-shelf-items’ cannot offer. As this is a custom made item please expect a 10-12 week wait from the date of payment until the date of dispatch.

Click here for instructions on how to measure your body for this custom made tare.

Purpose Premium hand stitched kendogu for all special occasions
Stitch Width 1.8bu hand-stitched
Cotton Grade #8,000 grade
Decoration Bō-sashi
Dye Aizome
Himo #8,000 grade cotton with tapered ends
Number of Bars 7 bars
Trim Fujioka smoked deer leather from New Zealand

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Black Label Tare

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  • $950.00

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