• Black Label Dō

The 1.8bu Black Label from Shogun Kendogu is our premium hand-stitched set, and is ideal for the discerning kendo-ka seeking quality, flexibility, and a stylish appearance. The Black Label dou comes standard with a kuro-ishime dō-dai, yet can be completely customised within the list price. Using kurozan leather for the mune, and complete with premium Katauchi aizome dyed himo, the full custom Black Label dō is a high quality item for special occasions. 

Click here to view a video of the items in the Black Label. 

All of the dō in Shogun Kendogu’s range are order made. This assures a level of customisation that similarly priced ‘off-the-shelf-items’ cannot offer. As such, please expect a 14-16 week wait from the date of payment until the date of dispatch on this item. 

Click here for instructions on how to measure your body for this custom made dō.

Purpose Premium item for all special occasions
Custom Dō-dai All colours/textures included in list price Included in list price
Custom Dō-mune All options available in list price
Dō-dai Type Kuro-ishime synthetic imitation 50 piece
Dō-mune Leather Hand embossed, Japanese kurozan leather
Himo Premium Katauchi aizome
Trim Kaeshi-beri

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Black Label Dō

  • Product Code: black-label-do
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $750.00

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