The original Shogun Traveller Bag™ by Shogun Kendogu, a new way for kendo-ka to travel! First of its kind, seasoned kendo traveller Alex Bennett has teamed up with Shogun Kendogu to create the Shogun Traveller Bag™.

Allowing you to combine your shinai with your other luggage, you can now travel abroad and minimise extra luggage costs charged by many airlines. If your airline charges extra to check-in more than one item, simply insert your shinai inside the Shogun Traveller Bag™. If your airline charges more for over-sized baggage, simply roll it down and check your shinai in separately as usual.

Big enough to pack clothes, dōgi, bōgu, and up to 3 shinai, the Shogun Traveler Bag™ is made with durable yet light weight material.We have kept the extras to a minimum to ensure the overall weight of your one-piece check-in luggage can be packed with all the necessities and not exceed the specified weight. 

Due to popular demand, there may be approximately a one month wait before we are able to dispatch your Shogun Traveller Bag™. As always we will work hard to minimise this wait, but your understanding is appreciated. 

Bogu Bags
Features Allows shinai and bogu to be checked in as normal luggage thus minimising extra luggage costs charged by many airlines
Materials Durable and lightweight nylon
Size Fits up to 3 shinai, one full set of bogu & one set of keikogi and hakama

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Shogun Traveller Bag™

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